KidSTART: Giving children a good start in life

The Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI) is working with the Government of Singapore to give children from vulnerable families a stronger start in life.

Research shows that children from vulnerable and low-income families may face developmental challenges compared to their peers. In response, the KidSTART initiative supports vulnerable children by equipping their parents with health, education, and development resources. With the right information and tools, parents can nurture their children’s potential and narrow developmental gaps.

The KidSTART initiative includes three programs: home visits, preschool child development, and child-parent development. Launched in April 2016, it is expected to reach 1,000 children under age six over three years.

CEI’s role is to conduct a formative evaluation of the KidSTART initiative. This evaluation will focus on program implementation and improve the design and delivery of the three KidSTART programs. It will prepare the initiative for wider dissemination from July 2017.

By resourcing and supporting parents in vulnerable situations, their children are more likely to be healthier, meet their development milestones, and be better prepared for school.

For more information about KidSTART, visit the Government of Singapore website.